Products Advantages

Achieve beautiful book match patterns with ThinSlabz® (veining determines if a stone will book match).

Apply ThinSlabz® to ceilings with ease. No cranes and no reinforcement needed.

Backlight your stones to create a look of your own with ThinSlabz® translucent stones.

Create custom furniture, sinks, and works of art with ThinSlabz®.

Inquire about out matching pre-fabricated accessories.

Standard thickness of ThinSlabz® is only 1/4" (8mm +/-) and weigh only 3 lbs per square foot.

Marble | Products Advantages

ThinSlabz® are 1/4 the thickness of traditional natural stone but provide the same surface aesthetics. Not only does this make installation and labor simpler and less expensive, but also helps create the most ecofriendly stone product on the market. ThinSlabz® have the unique ability to be cut and fabricated on site without heavy saws or large crews. This allows for rapid installation and drastic labor cost savings which you can pass along to your customers. ThinSlabz® standard size of 5' x 8' allows for grout free installations and majority of our stones can be book matched to achieve a stylish look of symmetry. Also, at only 3 pounds per square foot, ThinSlabz® can easily be adhered to walls and ceilings without reinforcing the substrate or the use of cranes to get the slab in position.


  • THICKNESS: 8mm
  • WEIGHT: 16kg/m2
  • MAX SIZE: 1520x2600mm
  • STABILITY: High Intensity, Strong, Durable, Flexible
  • TRANSPORTATION: Lightweight (saves $ freight) Not easily broken
  • INSTALLATION: Less Grout, Low Labor Costs, Fast Installation
  • ECOFRIENDLY: More stone used from a single block preserving our resources, recycled water used to cut slabs, more ships at a time, less adhesives needed.