The Future of Natural Stone Is Here

ThinSlabz® are light-weight, reinforced, natural stone slabs. Once installed, our stone presents the same surface aesthetic as traditional 2cm/3cm natural stone while preserving 50%-75% of this precious natural resource. ThinSlabz® are fabricated with immaculate craftsmanship and only use the highest quality marble, onyx, granite, travertine, and limestone selections from around the world. Most ThinSlabz® can be book-matched from an identical slab to provide a unique symmetrical design. Classical stone meets modern design! At only 3lbs per square foot, ThinSlabz® install faster and safer than solid 2cm stone with the same ability to miter and polish. Most installers fabricate on site. Saving time, resources, and money for themselves and clients. ThinSlabz® have been used for shower/tub surrounds, fireplaces, wine cellars, bar tops/fronts, elevators, luxury RV's and boats, ceilings, lobbies, and much more!